We're about to become best friends and travel partners.

Hey there, I'm Heath.

I'm excited you're here. Really, I am SUPER excited. Why? This is the first time I've ever done anything like this.

I've shared blogs on travel and RVing for the past few years--but writing up an entire course on RVing is something completely outside of my comfort zone. So, thank YOU for being a part of my experiment and I hope you get some value out of this course as well.

Before we do anything else, please take a moment to join our private Facebook group, just for members of this course. You can request access to that group by clicking here. Once you're in the Facebook group, introduce yourself and say hello to the rest of the group. This group is a great place to ask travel questions, learn more about the transition into full-timing, and learn how others make a living on the road.

Okay, now that we've handled the Facebook business. I want to answer the biggest question you should have for me at this point:

What the heck is this course about?

I developed this course on how to travel America on $2,000/month because that is exactly what my wife, Alyssa, and I did during our first year of marriage.

We quit our full-time jobs and, just days after our wedding, started traveling in our 1994 class C motorhome. During our fifty-state journey, we camped in national parks, toured scenic highways, swam in two oceans, hiked countless mountain ranges, and experienced life in an entirely different realm than we had ever known.

The best part is we did it for cheap--really cheap.

The goal of this course is to walk you through exactly how we budgeted for our trip--from basic travel expenses to what to cut back on--plus, some custom rules we've learned to live by while on the road.

There are a LOT of blogs and books out there on how to travel on a budget, so how is this course any different?

First of all, I have red hair and that makes me a little bit out of the norm right out of the gate.

But also, I don't want to only share travel tips with you. I will help you create the right mindset you need for extended travel or a life on the road. Because, believe me, you REALLY have to change your mindset from being a typical, "normal" person to being a person living a life full of adventure with scenery that's constantly changing.

My goal is to accelerate the learning curve of transitioning into the full-time travel life, while giving you practical tips on how to cut your travel expenses by thousands of dollars (yes, thousands).

Who is this course catered towards?

1. People who want to go on awesome adventures.

2. People who aren't afraid to live outside of their comfort zone.

3. People who are new to full-time or extended travel and want practical tips on how to save money and travel on a budget.

Full Disclosure: This course is catered towards RVers and full-time road warriors. While I include money saving travel tips for everyone (like people who travel hack, travel internationally or take extended road trips), RVers will definitely get the most out of this course.

How will I receive this course?

After creating your course login, you have immediate access to the entire course.

An Overview of the Course

1. Changing Your Mindset from Vacationing to Full-Time

2. How to Find Cheap Lodging and Save Money: Our "Five Nights" Rule that Saved Us $200/month

3. How to Save Money on Food Without Compromising Your Health.

4. Cheap Luxuries We Loved On The Road: Gym Memberships, Massages, Free Tootsie Rolls, and Awesome Showers.

5. 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used RV

6. Pulling Back the Curtain: Cost Log of Every Dime We Spent (Plus A Sample Budget to Help You on the Road)

7. How to Make Money on the Road

I hope you're getting PUMPED about this course. I know in the months leading up to my and Alyssa's adventure I could barely stand it I was so excited. :) <--- see, pure excitement!

America has more beautiful sights than I could have ever imagined. I grew up dreaming of traveling abroad one day to see all of the incredible mountains, oceans, and places in different parts of the world (I still plan on doing this).

But after spending this past year traveling our own country I realize just how awesome and stunning our landscape truly is. I can't wait to encourage you to go see it for yourself!

The last thing I want to share with you is a bit of inspiration from my travels. Watch the short video below—compiled by our friends over at CNN—to meet my wife and I with some clips of our adventures and places we've visited in the past year. WARNING: Watching film of the Pacific Ocean and the Grand Canyon will make you want to travel.

Okay, I'm done hyping it up. It's great to meet you. Thank you so much for being a part of this experimental course and I sincerely hope I can help you take the leap in beginning your adventures (or continuing to do so).

P.S If you have any specific questions at all throughout this course, I would love to answer all of them. Oh, and if you're interested in learning how to build up an income while traveling full-time, check out my podcast The RV Entrepreneur. In each episode I sit down to talk with nomadic entrepreneurs who have built up a remote income for themselves on the road.

Without further ado, wish you were here!

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