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  How to Instantly Take Better Pictures on the Road with Joe Hendricks


Meet Joe Hendricks:

Hey, I’m Joe! I love photography, songwriting, running, being creative, being original, helping others, defying the odds and trying to better myself every day!

I’ve been a NAVY Photographers Mate, a professional Wedding Photographer, Travel Photographer, Landscape Photographer, and Family Photographer. I sold all of my possessions and traveled America in an Airstream for a year and a half. I learned photography on film and I would never go back to it! I believe that you can always get an amazing shot out of any situation if you just look for it and know what you’re doing.

Even though I’m been shooting for over 24 years, I’m still growing every day in the craft. It’s constantly evolving and there really is no better time for someone to chase the dream of being a professional photographer!

Joe's Session: How to instantly take better pictures on the road

In this workshop, I’m going to cover the basics of photography, mainly focusing on composition and how it will make all your photos instantly better than what you use to take before!

Learn More About Joe Hendricks:

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