Blogging as a Business

8 Strategies for Making Money as a Blogger

In our free course on how to start a blog, we ask everyone a simple question:

Why do you want to blog?

Everyone has a different reason—a love of writing, a story to share, a way to connect with loved ones. But almost everyone adds the same thing to the end of their answer... make money.

How to Make Money Blogging

In this course, we take our experience as bloggers to teach you how to monetize your blog.

There's no "make $1,000 from your blog next week" promises.

And there's no get rich quick schemes.

Just honest, practical advice on the eight primary ways bloggers make money.

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Blogging is the #1 profession of choice for travelers.

You can work from anywhere, have endless stories to share, and you always see bloggers sharing amazing things online. It's a dream job!

But building up a profitable blog can take years—especially if you don't know how to blog as a business.

Blogging as a Business

A good business has a plan. It knows who its customers are and what they need. It has marketing strategies in place (like using SEO or social media to grow). It makes money from customers, preferably in more than one way.

Blogging as a business means treating your blog like it's a real business. It's not a hobby. Not a way to share stories with family back home. But a way to make money and support your family.

Yes, that means the occasional spreadsheet and managing your expenses. But it can also mean passive income, quitting your day job, and freely traveling the world.

About Us

Heath & Alyssa
Heath & Alyssa

Heath and Alyssa Padgett have been blogging for nearly a decade.

They always wanted to make money as writers, but for years they struggled to make ends meet, blogged as a hobby, and wondered how in the heck anyone actually made money blogging.

Today, Heath & Alyssa make a full-time income from their blog using many of the strategies you'll see in this course. Alyssa wrote the best-selling book, A Beginner's Guide to Living in an RV. Their annual RV Entrepreneur Summit is sponsored by brands like Winnebago and they partner with dozens of brands in the travel space as affiliates.

They've tried many different ways to make money as bloggers, with varying levels of success. In this course, they share what they've learned, how monetizing a blog works, and strategies to make it work for any blogger.

Eight Strategies to Make Money Blogging

This course is broken up into two primary sections with eight monetization lessons.


Marketing means you're marketing or selling someone else's product. As far as monetizing goes, that means selling ads, pushing affiliates, or creating sponsorships. These options are generally known as your passive income staples because they usually involve a one-time setup.


Creation means putting in some hours creating products, offering services, or coaching clients. While they take a significant amount of time, you have a much higher earning potential since you create and price everything in this vertical.

See the full course curriculum below.

How This Course Works

This is a self-paced course, meaning you can access lessons at any time.

Each lesson is structured in the same way:

We'll cover how you can get started (step by step), what to charge, strategies and tips from our experience, and even note why each monetization strategy might not work for you. For example, advertising won't work without high website traffic.

The course will also cover legal considerations for making money from your blog as well as list tools that make monetizing easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for life—across any and all devices you own. The course is self-paced, meaning you can access them whenever you'd like.
How much does this course cost?
With your coupon code, this course starts at $15. For years, I avoided courses on making money as a blogger because they all charged hundreds of dollars and promised I would make that money back from what I learned in the course. But I didn't have that kind of money to spend! We wanted this first version of the course to be affordable for all bloggers.
Would this also work for podcasters or Youtubers?
Yes! Today, many bloggers also have a podcast or post on Youtube. The strategies in this course take that in mind—we also have a podcast and Youtube channel—and will note strategies for monetizing a Youtube channel or podcast as a blogger as well.
How do YOU make money blogging?
I have used every strategy in this course with varying levels of success. Some bring in big checks. Some bring in a little extra. Some make money once. Some make money every month. (I'll share my experiences in each lesson!) Every strategy in the course is heavily dependent on your skills, your audience, and how you would like to make money. You'll find the most success blogging when you diversify your income by using multiple strategies in this course.
What is your refund policy?
We will offer refunds only within the first 30 days of purchase.
Will you ever update or add to this course?
Based on feedback from students, I will update or add lessons to this course. Students who purchase now will have lifetime access to not only the existing lessons, but any future lessons that are added.

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