How to Harness the Power of Social Media for Business

Eric and Brittany Highland of RV Wanderlust are bloggers and online marketing experts. In this session, they get into the nitty gritty of social media marketing for your business.

You can download the slides from their talk below.

What Eric & Brittany Talk About In This Session:

  • How they started their business
  • Running a blog with 1 million hits a year
  • Why bother with social media?
    • Stay top of mind with your potential customers
    • Provide customer service
    • Gain credibility
    • Get new clients
  • Build relationships by being social on social media
  • You're setting up for failure if you try to be on every social platform
  • Your website is the only platform you own
  • Understanding social media algorithms
    • Affinity
    • Weight: Likes, comments, and shares
    • Decay
  • Scheduling tool options
    • Facebook scheduler
    • Buffer
    • Meet Edgar
    • Hootsuite
  • How to handle trolls

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Quick Facts to Remember:

Facebook has over 1.5 BILLION active users.

The national average time on a webpage is 2:07.

The lifespan of a post with no engagement is about two hours.

4-5 tweets per day is the sweet spot.

Connect with Eric and Brittany

Instagram: @RVwanderlust

Facebook: RV Wanderlust

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