You Only Get One Shot

Joe Hendricks is a creative wedding photographer and full-time RVer in an Airstream. In addition to Joe Hendricks Photography, Joe and his wife Rhonda started The Giving Print, a photo store where you always get two photos: one to keep and one to give.

What Joe Talks About in this Session:

  • What is your purpose for going full-time?
  • Why you should do something different
  • How Joe decided to travel in an Airstream
  • How RVing has brought his family alive
  • "Showing Mom America" Road Trip
  • "I'm in hell!"
  • Becoming a landscape photographer
  • How traveling full-time makes photography easier
  • The water leak that left Joe homeless for six weeks — and helped Joe find more work


You're going to get sucker punched sometimes with your RV. You just have to keep going.

Connect with Joe

Instagram: @JoeHendricks

Facebook: Joe Hendricks Photography

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