Don’t Start a Business, Run a Business | Eric & Tami Johnson (51:18)

Meet Eric & Tami:

Hi! We are Eric and Tami Johnson. In 2014, after our 3 kids had graduated from school, we quit our careers, sold our house, and bought our very first RV. It didn’t take us long to realize we didn’t want our RV life to end any time soon, so we had to find a way to afford it long-term.  Less than one year after becoming RVers, we bought an e-commerce site,, and although we had no online business experience, we have successfully grown it 16 times over, all while traveling the country in our RV.

Eric & Tami's Session: Don’t Start a Business, Run a Business

Eric and Tami of TechnoRV took a different path on their road to freedom. The typical life script was on full display when they decided they wanted something different. From the corporate ladder to freedom on the road, Eric and Tami talk about their path of leaving it all behind, and how they decided to buy an existing business to start making money on the road, a process they call “Buying Income.”

They will talk about how they found the perfect business and give some insight into how they have grown their business 16 times over in 3 years with literally zero e-commerce experience. Now that they have built a duplicatable process for their business, they now plan to scale it out to different industries.

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