The Beginners Guide to Systems & Processes with Dani Schnakenberg (55:23)

Meet Dani:

Dani Schnakenberg is a Business Systems Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs who want to ditch overwhelm to create a sustainable, dreamy business through establishing boundaries and systems that work for them. After 7 years in entrepreneurship, she knows that it doesn’t have to be all about the hustle and grind. It’s the systems and processes that we build that allow us to build empires and live dreamy lives all at the same time.

When she’s not nerding out over workflows, spreadsheets, and statistics, you can find Dani traveling with her husband and five kids, taking in a baseball game, or getting a little bit of peace and quiet on her yoga mat.

Dani's Session: The Beginners Guide to Systems & Processes

Whether you’re ready to hire some help, or just looking to streamline your business and regain your time, this workshop is for you.

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