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  Chad Davis, Co-founder of LiveCA


Meet Chad:

Chad is the co-founder of LiveCA, Canada's largest CPA firm without a physical office. With over 60 full time CPA's, bookkeepers and technologists, he manages it all from the road, living full-time with his wife and two young children.

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can follow their journey on Instagram here.

Chad's Session: Creating a Reliable Workforce on the Road

The mindset, processes and tools used to grow a 60+ person remote CPA firm.

In this presentation, Chad will share the story of building his remote company and how he transitioned into full-time RV living with his family once it was at a size that worked for him. He’ll dive into the specific processes that helped the company grow and some of the specific software applications that assisted along the way.

We hope this presentation will give you some ideas to apply in your own business as you grow it on the road!

Learn More About Chad:

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