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  Christina Gambino of America Ninja Warrior


Meet Christina:

Christina Gambino is the founder of JumpTwist, which provides music and choreography to gymnasts, dancers, and kids all over the world. In addition to founding JumpTwist, Christina is currently getting ready for her third season on American Ninja Warrior. She currently lives full-time out of her Winnebago while training across the country.

Christina's Session: Attack Your Potential

Everyone has potential, but not many actually get to experience it. How can you hope for, wish for or accomplish anything if you don't even think that you are capable of it? In order to achieve, you must first believe. Believing in your God, in yourself and in your purpose is the first step towards realizing your potential. Developing the belief in yourself along with having perseverance, gratitude and positivity will end your cycle-of-effort striving to reach your potential.

My goal is to spark a flame within your mind and heart that will empower you to jump out of your seat with the motivation and excitement to do what you love. Believe that you can, act like you are, and decide right now that you will not stop trying until you get where you want to be. Become inspired to aim infinitely higher than ever before and stop feeding the doubts and fears that you hear within your own mind and see scrolling on a screen. Become transformed into a relentless machine that isn't programmed to give up even when the obstacle in front of you seems impossible. Failure is only an option when you allow it to be. You've waited long enough, it's time to Attack Your Potential.  

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