Kara & Nate: How to Monetize a Youtube Channel


We’re Kara and Nate! We are accidental travel YouTubers who recently completed our goal of visiting 100 countries.

We fell in love with travel after our honeymoon in Belize! Even though we were broke newlyweds, we found ourselves getting on a plane any chance we could – thanks to points earned from strategically signing up for way too many credit cards! Eventually, the travel bug consumed us, and we decided to quit our jobs and go travel the world for 1 year.

That 1-year trip turned into 4 years of full-time travel and visiting 100 countries together, thanks to the decision we made to start documenting our adventure on YouTube. Over the last four years, we’ve published almost 700 videos, gone from 0 to nearly 1 million subscribers, won a Shorty award for best in travel, and most importantly, used our channel to build a business that sustains our travel lifestyle.

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Main Stage: How to Monetize a Youtube Channel

Four years ago Kara & Nate hopped on a flight to start a round the world trip. They had no idea that trip would turn into a 100-country journey and catapult them from new Youtubers to over a million subscribers. Kara & Nate will be sharing their story from being broke travelers to finding creative ways to grow their Youtube channel and monetize a lifestyle of travel.

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