Alyssa Padgett: Blogging As A Business


In 2014, Alyssa Padgett convinced her husband Heath to take her to all 50 states for their honeymoon. Somehow he tricked her into doing it all in an RV. They’ve traveled in an RV ever since.

Alyssa is a film producer, travel blogger, and the chief navigator and co-pilot of their Winnebago. She directed and produced Hourly America, a documentary film about their 50 state honeymoon, that was featured on CBS, CNN, Fox, People, Yahoo, Huffington Post, and more. A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV, an Amazon bestseller, is her first self-published book.

Alyssa firmly believes living in an RV means it’s acceptable to eat s’mores every day.

Workshop: Blogging as a Business

You sell the house, you buy an RV, you start a blog. But how do you take a blog and actually turn it into a profitable business? In this workshop Alyssa shares seven ways to monetize a blog plus how to start treating your blog as a business.

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