Tim & Fin: Building Passive Income with Amazon and Other Lies


Tim + Fin travel fulltime documenting their hysterical adventures on their YouTube series Tripped. Their first adventure documented 10 months of “quit their jobs to travel the world”.

After running out of money Tim + Fin realized that to create a full-time life of travel they would need to build a remote business they could run from anywhere in the world.

One year in a renovated RV driving to Alaska allowed them to build an Amazon FBA store that supports their life on the road. In two years Tim + Fin turned a “way to sustain themselves on the road” into a 7-figure eCommerce business Tripped Travel Gear… and they’re attending the RVE Summit to teach you how you can too.

Workshop: Building Passive Income with Amazon and Other Lies

Doing any type of online research on Amazon FBA feels like diving into a rabbit hole of diet pills and pyramid schemes. While Amazon IS a great business model (growing Tripped Travel gear to over 7 figures) Tim and Fin use this workshop to demystify:

a) what is Amazon FBA

b) how are people so successful on the platform and

c) what challenges do people run into that have them quitting before they make a sale.

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