Jill Sessa: Become a Multiplier! Outsourcing Effectively and Ethically


Jill Sessa is an undaunted solo traveler and location-independent techie. You’ll find her (if you can catch her!) exploring land and water while she manages her website support service, Ultimate WP Help, and teaches others how they, too, can live the life of which they dream through leveraging the power of outsourcing and automation.

A serial entrepreneur, with prior businesses in health and fitness, Pilates studios, and building web applications, she is now enjoying an ever changing view from the “office” window while working only 15 hours a week. A big fan of outsourcing and building the right team, Jill’s favorite thing to say to her fabulous clients is “Let me focus on my genius, so you can focus on yours.”

The day Hurricane Sandy rolled into NYC, it was Jill’s 40th birthday. She decided it was a sign to shake things up in her life and shortly thereafter, took off on what is now a 180 thousand-mile-plus road trip, first by bicycle, then across the USA on a Vespa, moving into a tiny RV, a motorcycle with sidecar and now a Sprinter van with a small motorcycle – and always a paddling vessel of some kind. The horizon holds more international travel, more modes of transportation and the release of her book chronicling her pursuit of the Extra-Ordinary.

You can find Jill’s business at https://UltimateWPHelp.com, the techniques that have allowed Jill to move from 15 hour workdays to 15 hour work weeks are taught over at https://multiplier.club, and a stack of totally real life, amateur photos on Instagram at @jill.sessa or on Facebook.

Workshop: Become a Multiplier! Outsourcing Effectively and Ethically

Learn how to harness the power of the Multiplier Effect for growth and freedom in your business. This is the 5 step process that Jill uses to work just 15 hours per week - but create 150 hours of work in her website maintenance business.

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